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Pat Ryan an industrial artist and engineer working in multiple areas and disciplines in order to merge pure artistic expression with applied design to produce a defined user experience.

I love making stuff.

I make things that are fun to look at or easy to use. I'm not a complexifier.

For the past 20 years or so, I have designed custom architecture and built interior spaces. In that time, I have watched the evolution of our physical environments merge with our digital environments. Because this is a fascinating thing to me, I have been working with projects that mash up and blend our digital and physical worlds. Through the use of web-enabled architecture and objects, I am building applications and products that come together in a place that is defined by a simple rule: we inhabit everything, everywhere, all the time.

I have many interests and I usually re-create my connections to these interests frequently. However, I am guided by a consistent belief in the creative uses of technology and using technology for the benefit of our planet (and beyond) versus using it to deny, deplete, or destroy.

I love complexity, but I strive for simplicity.


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